Western River Acupuncture


  •  Reduce pain
  •  Reduce stress & anxiety
  •  Reduce internal inflammation/bruising/swelling
  •  Reduce edema/water accumulation
  •  Reduce cellulite
  •  Detoxification
  •  Relax muscles (feels like deep-tissue massage!)
  •  Increase blood circulation
  • Increase resisting power against disease
  •  Remove Blood and Qi stagnation that cause problems
  •  Nourish muscles and tendons
  • Balance and stable nervous system
  • Balance and stimulate internal organs and meridians
  •  Repair skin  (sagging skin, acne, scar tissue, stretch marks...)
  •  Tones facial muscles
  •  Used to treat for cold, congestion from common cold, asthma
  •  Used to treat for High Blood Pressure
  •  Used to treat for migraines
  •  Used to treat for rheumatism
  •  Used to treat for constipation and help with indigestion
  •  Used to treat for vericous veins
  •    Used to treat for insomnia
  •  Used for Weight Loss
  • And more!!


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Cupping therapy is one of the oldest healing tools ever made in human history. It was recorded on "hwang-je-nae-gyeong" “황제내경," one of the oldest Chinese/Korean Eastern Medicine books, about 5 thousand years ago and widely used in many countries until today. Napoleon also often used cupping for stomach pain.